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Vestdata is pleased to announce the launch of its Individual Client Account Monitoring (ICAM) strategy solution; monitormysuper.

Developed over 3 years at the request and in conjunction with leading industry experts, the ICAM strategy solution has received “all the right ticks” from Accountants, Advisers, Financial Planners and their clients.

The landscape has changed in the way client account monitoring is done.

This new economy is led by those who innovate – create, find and/or combine knowledge into new products, services, and distribution methods – faster than their competitors. Innovation is above all spurred by entrepreneurial action, aimed at creating value through the application of knowledge.

Fact of the matter is we are living in a knowledge-based society – that is the business of today. By shifting to the new knowledge-based economy, combined with a dramatic increase in highly capable competition, demands a renewed emphasis on innovation. Rapid changes in the competitive environment create the new world of competition – "a fierce contest brings with it higher stakes, and vastly different rules of engagement from those that we have enjoyed to date."

Our ICAM strategy solution protects your Competitive Strategy and your Competitive Position

Benefits include:

  • Competitive Analysis of Key Performance Positioning of your clients in relation to their retirement planning
  • Transparency of intent, desire of financial outcomes
  • Key Messaging functionality, designed to Gain Consensus with your client’s input
  • Instant 1, 3 & 5 year graphical performance of funds
  • Fully customisable ‘trigger points’ for auto alert functions
  • Development of Key messaging that Aligns with your Competitive Strategy
  • Diversion of revenue to your practice
  • Ability to neutralize cost with increase ROI opportunities.
  • Retain Total control on all aspects of the ICAM solution

To find out more about our ICAM strategy “monitormysuper” and to arrange for an on-line demonstration, brochures and case studies please register your interest.

Online Demonstration Request

Contact our customer service team for an online demonstration.

Visit the monitormysuper website
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